LT, XLPE Cable – PVC Power Cables

The LT, XLPE cables are designed to suit the standard operating conditions in India and abroad. These cables are manufactured while adhering to the Indian and International cable specifications for XLPE cables.

The XLPE or the cross-linked polyethylene cable. These cables were designed to overcome the limitation of PVC cables. They can easily uphold high temperatures without getting impacted. The LT-XLPE Cables have a higher conductor rating, i.e., “90°C as compared to 70°C of PVC. Also, the LT-XLPE Cables are highly durable.

These cables are available in different combinations like:
• Aluminum or Copper conductors
• Solid or stranded
• Circular
• Compacted and shaped conductors

LT, XLPE cables are moisture-resistant and resist thermal degradation, thus making them suitable for heavy-duty work. These cables are suitable for power transmission up to 1100 Volts conforming to IS: 1554 (Part I), IS:7098(part I), and IS 14255 with or without Heat Resistant (HR) or Fire Retardant Low Smoke (FRLS) properties. These are available in different configurations:
• Single-core cables of up to 1000 square mm
• Multi-core cables up to 400 sq mm

Key benefits of LT, XLPE cables:

It offers higher electrical strength retention
• Has thermal properties
• Easy jointing and termination
• It has a higher short circuit rating of 250°C
• It ensures lesser dielectric loss
• It is resistant to heat deformation

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