Accelerate Electronics Design

Get rid of repetitive model setup and redesigns with Altair

To test the performance of their products, manufacturers invest a significant amount of time and money on physical prototyping. The use of simulation can significantly reduce time-to-market by facilitating the virtual testing of various design concepts and factors. Without physical testing or iterative redesigns, several versions may be evaluated effectively at scale. If simulation takes the place of even one prototype cycle, items may reach the market months ahead of the competition.

New product lines, recurring revenue streams, more efficient operations, higher quality and faster time to market are all within reach with Internet of Things (IoT) from Altair. We have the knowledge and technology to help you realize your smart product development vision from beginning to end – from ideation to optimization to launch and operation.

Electronic devices of all kinds must be designed to withstand the structural and operational requirements associated with normal use, drop and misuse, all while balancing weight and cost considerations. Altair solutions enable simulation of structural, thermal and fluid properties, vibration, electromagnetics and manufacturing constraints in an integrated multiphysics environment.

See how high-tech companies are eliminating the repeated model setup and remeshing by using Altair’s single model multi-attribute approach to electronics system simulation.

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