Thermal Validation by HBM: The Complete and Safe Measurement Chain

Thermal analysis and thermal durability testing are crucial validation steps in the development process, prior to releasing a component, an overall powertrain, or a vehicle to the market. Thermal validation impacts not only the packaging, cooling and heating systems but also the overall life-time, reliability, and environmentally safe operation.

A safe measurement chain and operation is crucial for analyzing thermal properties. The critical parts are energy storage/BEV battery, fuel cell, electronics, electric drive, auxiliary components, and all connecting cables. Thermal analysis is mostly based on Computer Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation models. Thermal validation and testing are mostly done in climate chambers for thermal extremes and in performance test stands.

HBM can combine thermal validation with electrical andĀ mechanical testing, environmental simulation, data analytics, and more, providingĀ comprehensive overall results that you can trust. As a one-stop shop provider for the complete measurement chain and data analytics software, we understand the need for accurate and reliable thermal data and offer all aspects involved in determining phase transitions, heating or cooling and dimensional changes of parts under test along with all necessary sensor types (optical or electrical) for differential thermal analysis, thermo-mechanical analysis, dynamic mechanical analysis, and thermal flow.

The Complete Measurement Chain ā€“ Provided by a Single Source: From Sensors to Data Acquisition and Data Analysis

Software and Analytics

With the increasing voltage levels of electric applications, safety-related risks and their potential to be life threatening must be considered before setting up a measurement chain.

Thermocouples are widely used for temperature measurement and have their advantages. Highly responsive and capable of working in a wide temperature range, they are highly accurate, small, cost efficient and capable of instrumentation in a safe and isolated way.

Multiple thermal measurement integrated in a single optical fiber gives you the highest safety, 100% electro-magnetic noise immunity, and best integration flexibility. It is clearly the most suitable solution for electric powertrain applications.

Data Acquisition and Integration

With the QuantumX data acquisition system, we are offering a modular platform for all necessary inputs for measuring thermal, electrical and mechanical parameters apart fromalongside communication with the Battery Management System (BMS). Build your own modular solution with

Sensors and Transducers

Equipped with our contact-safe thermocouples, optical measurement chain and current transducers your measurement chain will be complete for ongoing measurements in the electric environment.

  • Plug-and-play sensors
  • Build up hybrid setups: optical/electrical

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