Battery Energy Storage Systems: Key To A Green Future



Energy storage holds the key to a green future by tapping into renewable sources like wind Energy, Hydro power and solar resources with minimal environmental impact. Moreover, they save a lot of money, boost reliability, and are resilient.

At Evolute Cleantech solutions, we are heavily invested in making this dream into an everyday reality. We offer a wide range of cleantech solutions and battery management systems. Our resources include solar, lithium-ion, IoT, Bluetooth, and customized solutions to provide top- rated power efficiency and delivery.

Our Products & The Environment

Here below, we’ve listed several methods we utilize to save the planet and the environment by using Battery Energy Storage System.

Improved Reliability

During power outages, battery storage can serve as a backup power supply. The same principle that works for emergency power for a single device, e.g., a wall-mounted smoke sensor with backup power, can be applied to an entire building or even an entire power grid.

Storage allows the grid to be more flexible, ensuring that users can access power whenever and however they require it. Both stability and durability rely on this flexibility. As the cost of disruptions rises, the significance of improved performance and durability increases as well.

What’s great about Evolute cleantech solutions, is the clean source of power that allows our products & solutions to perform multiple times better than conventional devices and maintain quality over extended periods. For instance, our plug-in lighting system, Viti Lite, is 100 times brighter than regular kerosene lamps, operates on a Lithium battery, and can offer light for up to ten hours on a single charge.

Tap Into Diverse Power Resources-

Undoubtedly, one of the most amazing benefits of battery storage management is being able to utilize diverse sources of energy such as solar and wind. By saving excess wind and solar energy and using it when there’s no sunshine or wind blowing, people can access power with minimal environmental impact.

That’s exactly what our street lightning solution, Solar Citi, does. It harnesses the power of the sun during the day to light up streets at night with zero pollution. In addition, battery storage can help to distribute electricity from inflexible resources effectively.

Battery storage may provide or extract power as much or as little as needed. In other words, battery storage enables keeping up with changing demands and provides flexible access to power whenever and wherever needed.

Battery storage is a technique making other technologies possible. It can be deployed when the sun isn’t shining, or when there’s no wind to speak of. What’s more, it can be put into action when demand varies, and baseload supplies are unable to respond quickly enough.

Minimum Environmental Impact

In its most basic form, battery storage allows electricity to be preserved for later utilization (when most needed). This improves the electric grid’s efficiency and capacities, including the potential to minimize greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Battery storage can help consumers access various solar, wind, and distributed sources. It can also boost grid efficiency by raising the capacity of current resources, meaning less reliance on air pollution plants. Not only do we clean up our supply with low-carbon and zero-carbon sources added into the mix, but we can also easily and effortlessly improve it. That’s exactly what we do with our solar home lighting system, Viti.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Our lithium-ion solutions are among the most powerful tools at our disposal toward making the enviro dream a reality. Here’s how these solutions work. The lithium-ion technology, without a doubt, minimizes environmental impact. The following are just a few of the multiple advantages of lithium batteries:

  • Increased energy output
  • Fast, high-efficiency charging
  • Light & efficient
  • Clean, enviro-friendly resource

Lithium-ion batteries aren’t only eco-friendly to manufacture (using lithium & naturally-found metal alloys), but they’re also recyclable, and emit zero pollutants. Furthermore, they provide access to a stream of uninterrupted power.

The benefits of lithium batteries are being recognized by more and more organizations around the world, and the technology is being used for a wide range of applications, including emergency power backup, solar power storage, electric mobility, and remote surveillance and alarm systems. Also widely used as a backup source for Portable Devices used in Telecom, Medical, Drone and Industrial Application.

Battery Management Systems

The main goal of the battery management system is to establish the right balance between the cells. In the event of an imbalance at the start or end of a charge/discharge cycle, the battery moves beyond the standard voltage range, inducing a degraded performance level and functionality.

This also increases the likelihood of battery failure. Consequently, it’s essential to monitor individual cell voltage while the proper circuit and logic help keep the cells within the standard voltage range.

The battery management system monitors the module’s temperature. It also manages the maximum limit for the Overcharge cut-off / under discharge Cut-off of the module to prevent the entire Battery Pack modules from getting damaged or deteriorated.

A complete, centralized battery management system is a core component for building cost- effective, customizable, ultra-efficient and high-power sources using all Lithium-ion chemistry batteries. It protects Battery from Over Voltage/Under Voltage Charge and Discharge Protection, Over Temperature protection, Short Circuit Protection etc.

We at Evolute Cleantech solutions provide a wide range of benefits by offering efficient Microcontroller based smart battery management systems that can be tailored to your unique needs and objectives. It Supports communication interfaces like CAN, UART, RS232, RS485 and Bluetooth to capture battery pack data such as Cell Voltage, Battery Pack Voltage, Battery Pack current, Battery Pack Temperature, SOC and SOH etc.Being into the field of Electronics Evolute Cleantech Solution have expertise in design, we can provide Smart BMS with add-on features to measure temperature of Individual Cells, Impedance of Individual cells.

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